Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lifebook 2015!!!

Happy Day, Life Book 2015 is around the corner!

I am so excited that I can finally say out loud that I will be one of the teachers!!!  

In case you didn't know, Life Book is a year-long mixed media art class created by the lovely Tam of Willowing.

1 amazing course offering instruction, tips and tricks from 25 different teachers.  All your beautiful creations will be bound into a beautiful book of your life at the end of the year. 

8th September 2014 - Tamara Laporte -
9th September 2014 - Jane Davenport -
10th September 2014 - Joanne Sharpe -
11th September 2014 -  Jenny Lee Wentworth -
12th September 2014 -  Violette Clark -
13th September 2014 -  Chris Zydel -
14th September 2014 -  Danielle Donaldson -
15th September 2014 -  Effy Wild -
16th September 2014 -  Flora Bowley -
17th September 2014 -  Alisa Burke -
18th September 2014 -  Lynzee Lynx -
19th September 2014 -  Jeanne Oliver -
20th September 2014 -  Andrea Gomoll -
21st September 2014 -  Kristin van Valkenburgh -
22nd September 2014 -  Jill K. Berry -
23rd September 2014 -  Alena Hennessy -
24th September 2014 -  Juliette Crane -
25th September 2014 -  Jenny Doh -
26th September 2014 -  Mati Rose McDonough -
27th September 2014 -  Patti Ballard -
28th September 2014 -  Rachael Rice -
29th September 2014 -  Roben Marie Smith -
30th September 2014 -  Andrea Schroeder -
1st October 2014 -  Lynn Whipple -
2nd October 2014 -  Donna Downey -
Click here to view more details

We will each be offering a free spot on Life Book.  

Just leave a comment telling me what art means to you!  

Extra entries will be added for those that share this post on facebook, instagram, or twitter.

The winner will be announced next Thursday September 18th!

Thank you Tam for welcoming me on this amazing journey.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's a Blog Hop

My online friend Blenda Tyvoll invited me to take part in a blog hop.  Blenda is an uber talented artist and a super sweet lady.  Blenda is an artist mostly working in mixed media. You can see examples of her work HERE, and HERE.  I love her paintings of trees and birds.  As an Oregonian she is surrounded with natures inspiration. 

For the blog hop, I've been asked to answer 3 questions and then link to 3 other artist/bloggers.  Here goes:

1.       How does my creating process work?
My process is not always the same.  I may start with a sketch or I may just start adding layers of paint and see where it leads me.  I like to keep it interesting. 
I try to keep myself open to change as I start a piece.  I may start out with a particular vision but sometimes the work takes on its own direction so I try not get stuck forcing the original idea.  Creating is therapeutic for me so the process of layering and changing is just as important as the end result. 

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My work mainly consists of female figures and portraiture.  I make an effort to make sure every face is different and the features are not always perfect.  Every woman is different, and there is great beauty in our diversity.  
I try to emote feeling in my work and draw the viewer in through the eyes of my paintings. 

3. What am I working on?
Right now I'm working on a piece I call, "We are Three"  Pictured below are some progression shots.

I'm linking to these talented friends:

Friday, June 20, 2014

Join Kim Beller and I in Wilmington, NC this fall!

October 18th 9-5 
October 19th 10-4
In Wilmington NC at "heARTspace" Studio.
(light snacks will be provided)

Kim and I are so excited to announce our collaborative workshop in Wilmington, NC at heARTspace Studio.

Kim will  be our guide to make a beautiful handmade art journal filled with Fabriano hot press watercolor paper, and design the cover with some of her favorite collage techniques.

Next, I will guide you in filling the pages of your new journal with my techniques for beautiful soulful portraits.

A weekend filled with art, inspiration, and creating among new friends. 
When it's all said and done you will have your own treasured journal to take home and new kindred friends.  

Space is limited, register early to ensure your spot♥

Workshop cost:
$275.00 + $35 supply fee= $310.00
Includes paper, linen thread, and needles for bookmaking.

The Paypal button gives you some payment options:
You can pay in full now
pay a deposit of $75.00 to reserve your spot.
The remaining balance is due by September 1st.

Payment Options

Once signed up you'll receive a detailed supply list via email.

Cancellation Policy: You will receive a full refund if you cancel 60 days prior to the event. 
No refunds will be given after August 20th.

We look forward to seeing you this fall in Wilmington!!

xoJenny and Kim

Accommodation recommendations:

Waterway Lodge

 Air bnb Wilmington

Holiday Inn, Wrightsville Beach

Hampton Inn

Paintings from the last several months♥

Slowly getting back into blogging, it's been so long I almost forgot how. :)
Life has been nonstop work, baseball, laundry...and of course, painting. 
My hubby has been working hard in the garden and I can't wait for the tomatoes and zuchini!
My sweet boy officially graduated from the 8th grade, next stop high school!
Summer is here in Oregon and it is so beautiful.  We're ready for camping and day trips to the beach.  So thankful for sunshine!
Here's a few pics of my garden, my little graduate, and several paintings I've worked on over the last few months. 


beginning stage of a painting

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pics from my art retreat!!!

Here's a recap of my Neskowin retreat...
I arrived a day early to prepare for the ladies.  I was worried about the weather this time of year but it turned out to be absolutely gorgeous.

So excited for a creative adventure!
It was hard to unpack with that view, just wanted to sit and stare out the window.
Setting up our creative space

Everyone received a hand painted folder with class materials and prints from me♥

I couldn't wait for the girls to arrive and open their presents! 

My folks came up that afternoon to help me finish setting up, here's my dad feeding the seagulls

The girls arrived the next day, I fell in love with them instantly. Here's a peek at what they received♥

15 min demo painting by me
demo painting  by me
Jodi hard at work bringing the paint to life

Cinda working her magic

Jude painting away

Bliss, I miss the girls so much♥

My amazing auntie was our cook for the week, she took good care of us.

We spotted a magical mushroom on an afternoon walk.  This was such a thrill, I thought these only existed in fairy tales!

Miss Jude and I

Jodi and I

Cinda and I.  I have 3 new sisters, I feel so lucky♥

We had a special visitor peek through the window during class.  When I saw her she literally took my breath away, it was magic. 

On our last day we wrote down our deepest desires, sealed them in a bottle and sent them out to sea♥
My new sisters from left to right: Cinda, Me, Jude, & Jodi

A group piece we all worked on. Everyone went home with one of my demo paintings.  I kept this one♥

I was so inspired by these ladies!  It was such a joy to be around them.  We all got along so well and genuinely enjoyed each others company.  Lots of laughter, hugs, conversation, connection.
As I drive home I was so overcome with emotion, the tears would not stop.  My heart is thankful for this amazing gathering.